Group History

History of 1st Bellshill & Mossend Scout Group – 100 Years More or less?

Following the success of the 1st Scout Camp at Brownsea Island in 1907 and the publication of “Scouting for Boys” in 1908, boys took Baden Powell’s call to action to heart and the first Scout Troops were formed with The Scout Association being formed in 1910.

But what happened in Bellshill & Mossend?…

This however is not the whole story!

With the help of Newspaper archives, we have found letters complaining about Scouts camping in Orbiston before that date and there are even letters complaining about men joining as Scout leaders taking away leaders from the Territorial Army before the First World War. 

The first record we have found of 1st Bellshill and Mossend Scouts is an advert for a Gala on 28th August 1909 where “Bellshill and Mossend Boy Scouts under Scout Masters Austin and Gibson will give a display”, later articles refer to a flag.  However, they are listed ahead of the tug of war but before the Punch and Judy!

Through all the years there have been many leaders who gave their time and efforts to Scouting. Unfortunately, we do not know the names of these leader however we do recognise their work and pay tribute to their efforts to the boys and girls of Bellshill.

So, depending on how you read the history we are 100 on the 1st of October – or 111 or 108!